Turboion Croc Classic Hair Straightener Review

Hair is something that is very precious to many people and they would never dream of doing anything to negatively affect that which sits proudly atop of their head. That is why it is so important to choose the right product for each step of the hair styling process. One wrong move and things can go badly very quickly!

Perhaps this point is most prominent when looking at hair straighteners as if you don’t pick the right one of these there could be drastic consequences. That is why we are here to help. Today we will be showing the features, good, and bad points of the Turboion Croc Classic Hair Straightener and hopefully helping you to make a decision as to whether or not it is the right pair for your hair needs!

Tell me about its features

Hair straighteners have one key feature that everyone looks out for when purchasing them and that is the temperature they go up to. To put it simply, the temperature is what helps to straighten the hair so the higher it goes the better. The Turboion has a digital control on the handle so that you can precisely choose what temperature you would like, but it maxes out at an impressive 450 degrees.

This may sound extremely not but you don’t have to worry about burning your hands as the designers have thought of this too by using nano-silver to coat them which minimizes the temperature absorption. The 1.5 inch ceramic plates have been designed to heat up quickly but cool down just as quickly which is a good safety feature to have, and thanks to the “crocodile” design, this pair of straighteners are very nice to hold up to your head for an extended period of time.

What are its good points?

There have been many customers reviews stating that this device has managed to tame even the curliest of hair and this is exactly what you want to here about a set of hair straighteners! They heat up quickly, cool down fast and will get up to the perfect temperature to straighten hair. There is a lot to love here!

What are the bad points?

The unique design of this machine has been created deliberately to ease the pressure of having to hold something up to your head for a long period of time, but with that being said it will still take some getting used to. It may feel odd in your hand to begin with, but once you have had a while with the device you should begin to appreciate the design more! If you want to take a look at the design of other straighteners then why not visit the Hair Straightener Studio where you’ll find the all in one place.

What’s the conclusion?

The people at Turboion have attempted something a little different with the design of these hair straighteners and it has worked well. The unique shape makes them stand out from the crowd as it not only looks cool, but it also gives your hands an added element of protection from the heat. Add this to the other clever features and you have got yourself a nice little hair straightener sized package!