Top Wedding Trends

When it comes to weddings, you have to move with the trend on the market otherwise you are looking for a flop. However, in the wrong hands, trendy can be dreary. Apart from harnessing the power of technology, it also pays to look at other aspects of trendy weddings so that you have the best time of your life.

In pursuit of that goal, we have collected the trends for the past few years, and we have the trends that can take center stage of the upcoming wedding season.

Keep it Unplugged

The smartphone has made life easy and tough at the same time. Remember the time when weddings meant all eyes were on the bride and the groom? Well, those times are over and have been replaced with the smartphone.

Your wedding is a day that you wouldn’t want the photos to be ruined in any way. This is the day that you wish to have perfect shots of the event, and nothing should make it otherwise. Well, all the guests armed with a smartphone can ruin the day. Weddings are awash with fidgety guests that cannot sit still at all. Right from the time they enter the venue, they are out to take as many photos as possible. This group of guests blocks the way of the bride and groom, and they also block would-be perfect shots from the designated photographer.

Nowadays, wedding planners have taken care of the situation, and inform the guests to keep their phones on silent before the event starts. He also gives directives on the use of the phones within the premises.

Open Spaces

Traditionally, many weddings were performed in churches and halls, but this trend is slowly fading, and most weddings are being hosted in gardens and other open spaces. The aim of this arrangement is to reduce the cost of renting a hall, and also adding a unique twist to the event.

Open spaces also make the perfect backdrop for the wedding. However, you need to make sure you choose the location carefully so that you get the best arrangement. The locations change depending on the region. For instance, if you are in Asheville, make sure you check out Asheville Wedding Venues to know what is available, and what suits your needs.

The Smaller, the Better

Decades ago, couples believed that the more the guests, the merrier the party. These beliefs are long gone, and now weddings are a small affair of about 100 people.

The aim is to keep the number down but the features grander. The small size is also easy to handle, and each person can show their personality to the maximum.

However, you choose the number of guests depending on your circle. If you have many friends and a big family, you can increase the number.

Going All Out

Being the best day of their lives, some couples are going all out to leave a mark on the mind of the guests. Welcome parties, rehearsals and after parties are all combined into an event. The couple doesn’t leave anything out.

In this setup, the couple is looking for a way to make everything work out and spending as much time with their families as ever before. However, this trend requires more than just the ability to host the event – you need to have enough funds to splash around. If you have a tighter budget, you need to go the simple route.

Grand venues, exotic locations, and limousines are part of the grand entry that such couples make. You need to work with a wedding planner with the right expertise and experience to nail this trend.

Dramatic Backdrops

Floral backgrounds, amazing backdrops for photography and many other dramatic backdrops are the way to go currently. Use of props, murals, and elaborate floral arrangements are on the rise, all you have to do is to visualize how you want your wedding to look.

In Closing

When it comes to the wedding, you don’t have any excuse should it flop. You need to take time and understand what you need then go out and get it. Work with the right wedding planner and choose a location that not only suits you but also gives you the right capacity to set up your event.