Top Tips to Plan Your Classic Wedding

If a winter wedding is your perfect choice, then you can as well go for a classic theme. The classic theme works like a charm during the winter, due to the presence of snow.

Anybody planning a classic wedding in winter needs the perfect venue for the day. While the countryside has been the go-to location for brides looking for the perfect venue for a classic wedding, the city can still work wonders.

You can find a venue and transform it into the perfect wedding venue that you have been dreaming about.

So, where do you begin? Today we look at the top tips when you plan your classic wedding in winter.

The Venue

You need to consider the venue of the wedding depending on your preferences and the budget. You also need to be privy about the comfort level and practicability. During this season, you need to make sure the venue is accessible from all areas.

If you are planning the wedding in the city, you need a venue that provides amazing city views for the guests to enjoy, and also for the photographs.

The venue you choose should preferably have in-house catering services and accommodation for your guests at one point. With such weather, you don’t have to force the guests to move from venue to venue, which might be impossible at such a time.

Some venues offer special locations for you to enjoy during the cold months. Make a point to check out the special packages so that your budget can go further.

There is nothing as good as sitting back in a cozy room with friends and family enjoying the warmth as you exchange your vows. This means that you need to get a venue that is comfortable and that offers the best views of the city.

Proper Planning

Planning the classic winter wedding is not as easy as it looks. You have to do all the preparations for the harsh weather that comes with winter. Transport is tough, and this makes planning hectic. You need to work with a planner that understands the needs of a winter wedding and can deliver what you need. We have handled various classic wedding rentals over the past few years, and we know what to do to give you the best wedding regardless of the weather. So, let us make your classic event truly unique.

The Theme

You need to make use of decor that suits the classic wedding. So, go for iconic and decorations that take the wedding from a plain event to a classic one. Colors also matter, and with the snow giving you the perfect backdrop, you can also make use of white dresses and grey tuxedos.

Go for delicate flowers and use metallics to reflect the light from the room.

Make sure you talk to the wedding planner to know more about the available decor item such as napkins, tablecloths and chair covers. You can also use centerpieces that accentuate the classic design.


Nothing adds some life to space like proper lighting. Use candles, string lights, lanterns and colored lights to create an ambiance and add some warmth to the classic wedding.  Use lamps in various ways to bring out the perfect setting for the wedding.


With a classic city wedding, the options for backdrops for your images are endless. How much you spend on photography depends on the budget you set aside and your personal preferences. Set up an interview with several photographers to determine which one is up to the task.


When it comes to classic weddings, live music is the best option. Live music makes the wedding complete and allows you to choose the songs to be played and in which fashion. Take time to come up with a playlist for the day reminiscent of the theme that you have chosen. You need to communicate your choice to the singer so that you get exactly what you want on that day.

In Conclusion

You need to take time to come up with the right venue for the classic winter wedding. The climate should not dampen your spirits for this day; you need to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest!