Top Tips to Get More Likes on Instagram

By now you know the power of Instagram, and what it can do for your business. It is a visual platform and a great place for businesses to connect with their audience and get more sales. With more sales comes more revenue.

As a business, you need as more followers as possible so that you have an audience to sell to. It takes more than just a few posts though to get the followers you need. Today we look at the various hacks that bring in more followers.

Share Unique Images

Instagram is meant to be a photo sharing site. This is why you need to leverage this prowess. So, when you want more followers on Instagram, you need to come up with the right images that can elicit the necessary reaction.

Understand the niche and post content that is interesting, as well as eye-catching and well composed. When you understand the niche, you can post content that is useful to the users, and that will make the users like the content.

You might ask why you need the right content when all you want is followers. Well, with the right content, your followers share it all over; making sure the content goes viral. When other users see your content and find it useful, they follow you to get more information.

Interact With Others

You shouldn’t forget that Instagram is a social network, so it is vital that you interact with other users. To begin interacting with other people, you need to start liking their content and replying to their comments. When you do this, more and more people end up getting interested in you. Commenting on their posts also helps, though you need to make sure they are genuine comments and not spammy at all.

Ensure Proper Timing

Studies show that the best time to post on Instagram is when users are online and have time to comment on your posts. The days also differ, with fewer people going online on Mondays.

The proper timing gives your posts maximum exposure, which makes them reach as many people as possible. Getting your content featured on the newsfeed is one way to attract the attention of potential followers.

To get the proper timing, you need to understand the demographics of the followers and learn about their behavior. Don’t go with the standard timing as stipulated by many, find the right time for your audience which might be different depending on the niche.

If you are running a business account, you can use the various analytic tools to determine this time, but if you are running a personal tab, then you can use a third party tool for the task.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags help you get people that are interested in your content. You can use the hashtags to find people that have shared the posts commented on them or tagged you. When you do this, you can choose to follow them because you know that they are interested in your content.

You also need to include hashtags in the captions so that your users can look for and find you. Take time to get the right hashtags that suit your situation and needs as well.

Use a Growth Service

To grow your account, you need genuine followers. Do you know that you can get genuine followers by buying them? Some providers offer this service so that you don’t have to spend hours upon end manually following users hoping that they follow you back. Check out Social10x service review by Fred Harrington to see how to begin the process of buying followers.

Final Words

You need to take the time to understand how to get more followers to your Instagram account. This helps you gain more leverage against your competition.