Tips to Make the Perfect Panini

Panini has been a delicacy for many a family for centuries, and today they are a part of practically every café in the US. The popularity of the Panini has soared, and many people are looking for ways to get the Panini of their dreams from just a few ingredients.

Today we look at a few golden tips to make the perfect Panini.

Have the Right Panini Grill

It takes more than just enough bread and ingredients to make the perfect panini; you need to have the right equipment as well. The Panini grill from makes it easy for you to get the perfect panini, which means you don’t have to put in so much effort into making one.

Get a grill that is of high quality with various levels of temperature settings. The grill needs to match your budget as well and should give you high-quality Panini that your guests will love.

Along with the grill, you also need a straight-edged knife for cutting through the finished Panini. This will ensure a smooth operation for the Panini.

Choose a Grilling Method Wisely

You need to know that not all the grilling methods give the same results. The Panini grill gives you the chance to control the heat and pressure that you apply on the Panini. We have seen many people make the perfect Panini with a grill pan alone, though this takes time and is hard to execute. When making the perfect Panini, it all boils down to your taste and the number of times you plan to grill it.

Experiment Some More

Just because the delicacy came from Italy doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to the Italian ingredients. If the setup has bread and fillings and is made on a grill, then it is Panini! Try different pieces of bread, and fillings such as apples and mango salsa. Either way, make sure you follow your taste preferences.

Aim for the Crunch

The thing that separates Panini from other types of sandwiches is the grilling. The hallmark of this is the grilled bread. Make sure you end up with a perfect crunch on the Panini.

Avoid Wet Ingredients

No one loves a soggy sandwich, and this is a fact. Many people ad some tomato and juicy meats to the mix, but at times this is not ideal for a Panini, because it ends up being soggy when it is supposed to be crisp.

If you decide to go for some wet ingredients, then place them in the middle of the pile so that you don’t end up with a soggy mess for the visitors.

Get Other Peoples’ Opinion

The best way to know is your Panini is great is to share them out with friends and family. Have the necessary ingredients and fire up your grill, and then allow your guests to create a combination then grill it. The results will speak for themselves because the food will end up making them react.

With a few guests, you even get to gain some new ideas and inspirations for future grilling of the Panini.

Add Some Greens

If you love to include some greens in the Panini, then you need to add them when it is ready. Don’t place them right in the grilling process because then the greens tend to wilt and you won’t enjoy what the greens have to offer. So, grill your Panini and then insert anything else after that including spinach, lettuce to name a few.

Choose the Right Bread

Since Panini is all about the bread, you need to make sure you choose the right one for the day. The bread needs to stand up to the way the Panini needs to be – sturdy. The denser the bread, the better it is for the task. Go for bread that is sliced from a dense bakery loaf, and it holds up to the process much better than soft bread.

The Bottom-line

Make sure you enjoy the process of making Panini so that you can enjoy what it offers in terms of deliciousness. Use the right equipment and have the ingredients at the ready so that you enjoy what this Panini has to offer.