Three Timeless Children’s Toys

Three Timeless Children's Toys

Children’s toys used to be practical and straightforward, leaving a lot to the imagination and encouraging children to create while they played. Somewhere along the line between 1960 and 2006 came a surge in the use of plastic for children’s toys, creating bright, garish loud products that took all the fun out of creating their own game. Traditional wooden toys died hard though and recently have made a resurgence in the children’s toy market. Here are three of your favorite childhood toys that have become popular again, which means you can share with your children what you loved playing so much within your younger days.

Wooden Blocks

The first timeless children’s toy that has been around for decades, even centuries, is the underrated wooden block. Whether they were purchased as a box set or your grandmother took the time to make you your own set out of natural wood, wooden blocks are a timeless children’s toy that allows for hours of self-made entertainment. The beauty of these little pieces of play is that, if you look hard enough, you can find them made out of natural wood, sanded down and then painted with non-toxic paint so your child or baby can get right in there with the drool without you having to worry about ingesting anything nasty. Wooden blocks are extremely versatile and inexpensive – another problem with modern children’s toys. Even if you’re on the tightest budget for toys, wooden blocks are a proven winner when it comes to entertaining your child.

Wooden Train Set

The second timeless children’s toy that has stood the test of time, especially in the last decade or so as retro has come full circle and become in vogue again, is the wooden train set. Most baby boomer males, if asked to look back far enough, can fondly reflect on the time they spent as toddlers and children building, playing with and breaking down wooden train sets. This is an excellent toy if you have an active child who is continuously looking for something to build up or create – their little minds are developing more and more every day so stimulating them with toys that require them to think and develop scenarios will help that brain growth exponentially. Check out Best Wooden Train Set | Toy Train Center for some cool wooden train sets available on the market and revive that inner child in you as you channel it through your children.


The third and final timeless children’s toy that has never really lost out in popularity, despite surging competition in the technology world, are books. Everybody who is older than 30 will be able to remember reading being a big part of their lives as a child, at least until the television became an everyday household item and slowly worked to distract. With the prevalence of screens, these days it can be hard to balance the time spent reading versus time spent on the tablet playing games, but research indicates that the more your child reads, the better their brain will develop. Reading is an age-old pastime that is enjoyed by children, adolescents and adults alike but is especially beneficial as an additional toy in your child’s life. There’s nothing like having a hot bath and then curling up in bed with a good book, being read by either Mummy or Daddy. Plus, there are many children’s books that have stood firm in the face of progression and are still popular forty, fifty, sixty years later – books that you would have enjoyed as a child that you now get to share with your own.

While there’s no love lost in a lot of products that have now been improved for the better with the advancement of industry and technology, one aspect of this market that wasn’t broke in the first place is children’s toys. Take the time to have a look and see what’s out there on the market that will take you right back to when you were a child – your children are guaranteed to love them and will enjoy hearing your stories of how much you also enjoyed playing with them.

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