Three Back To School Essentials

hree Back To School Essentials

The back to school season can be a busy one, full of planning the weeks ahead, thinking about packing and making lunches again, and pulling the uniforms out of the cupboard. It’s always fun starting a new term at school – children seeing their friends again, extra-curricular activities starting up and the daily school work routine slipping back into normalcy. It can be hard to remember everything they need for school, especially if it’s left too late and supplies are beginning to dwindle at the stationery store. Here are three back to school essentials to remember when getting back into the busyness of school life.


Some things seem so obvious that they’re quickly forgotten about instead of other items that might not be so essential. The everyday lunchbox is not something that usually requires a high amount of planning or organization in advance – however, children can tend to be forgetful sometimes and leave it in places they shouldn’t. They might have been so excited to finish the last term and get right into the school holidays that their bag was flung into the back of the wardrobe and things like lunchboxes were quickly forgotten about. Making sure that each child is equipped with a sturdy, clean lunchbox on day one of that next term will save any last minute rushing around to find an equivalent. The lunchbox is an essential school item, just as important as anything academic on the list.

Labelled Clothes

Another thing that children can be good at is leaving pieces of clothing behind and forgetting entirely about them. When they run around at morning P.E. class and get so preoccupied with the game their playing that they dump their jumper and gym bag in a pile of other jumpers and gym bags, it’s going to be pretty difficult for them to identify which is theirs at the end of class. Embroidering their name on their gym bag essential to making sure that it lasts all four terms of the year. If it does get lost, which it most likely will, it won’t go far because they’ll be able to go straight to lost property and quickly identify their gym bag. Check out Custom Funky for personalised gym bags that beautifully embroider a child’s name on their gym bag.


Shoes are another essential part of the school uniform list that they need from day one. It might not sound like shoes need much thought – usually it’s all about finding the best bargain that’s going to outlast all the growing they’re going to do throughout the year. But children run around, a lot, which increases the risk of tripping and slipping. It’s good to remember that finding shoes of high quality will last them a lot longer and prevent upsetting accidents from happening – even if you have to spend a little bit more. Shoes with slip-proof soles will make the year a lot safer and accident-free, so when it comes to shoes its worth spending that little bit more to keep your children safe.

There are so many things to remember when it comes to starting the school term again, and these essentials are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s good to start somewhere, however, and remembering the necessities will make it easier on day one to be prepared. Children can pick up other requirements like pencils and books when they have been back at school for a week and know how many they need – but the essentials they need from day one.

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