The Bathroom Can Be A Very Dirty Place

No one enjoys cleaning, but it is a daily part of what responsible adults have to do and it is important. No one ever says, “does it really matter what my house looks like?” Of course, it does. There are a lot of reasons for keeping your house clean. You want to be able to find things when you need them, you don’t want to be embarrassed when people come over, and it can just be uncomfortable to live in a messy house. In some rooms of the house, cleanliness has a little bit more to do with health than looks

The bathroom is an area of the house that us used for personal hygiene and personal hygiene cannot be done in an area that isn’t clean. This is also a place that people spend a lot of time in when they are sick. It is a room of the house where cleanliness is necessary. Here are some serious reasons why it is so important to keep the bathroom clean.

Mold- Mold likes to grow in areas that are warm and damp and that is almost the definition of the bathroom. Mold can cause a host of different medical conditions and reactions. People with lung issues like asthma and chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder, mold is one of the things that can put them in the hospital with a lung infection. It is also something that can invoke an allergic reaction in people and these can be incredibly dangerous.

Bacteria/Germs- It has long been a known fact that the bacteria and germs in the toilet can be spread around the room when you flush. That is not just some story that someone started to sell more of something. These are the kinds of germs and bacteria that can really make people sick. It is also really gross to think about them getting your toothbrush or face towels. You may want to close the lid before you flush next time and keep your toilet clean.

Illness- When people are sick, they can leave their germs everywhere they go. It is important to keep the bathroom clean when people are sick and even a couple of weeks afterwards. Although they may not be showing anymore symptoms, they may still be expelling the virus or bacteria that made them sick in their waste. It is one way that people can get sick after their spouse or children have gotten over a stomach bug or the flu.

Things That Need Fixing- If you take the time everyday or every couple of days to clean the bathroom you are going to know that room inside and out. You are going to notice when something is not functioning properly and needs to be fixed. Cleaning allows you to see these problems and also allows you to know when it started and how fast it is getting worse. For example, you will know when a sink starts leaking and how much it is leaking.

Personal Hygiene- Ultimately, it is near impossible to practice good hygiene in an area that is dirty. The bathroom is the room in the house where this happens, and no good hygiene is going to happen in a dirty house. Personal hygiene is also an important part of good daily health.

Responsibility- This may seem like a silly reason but just keep reading. Children need to understand responsibility and doing things whether you want to or not. A parent’s example of cleaning the bathroom on a regular basis exemplifies to them the importance of being responsible and making sure the bathroom is clean.

People understand that the bathroom is an important room to keep clean and they sometimes try different cleaners to find the one that is right for them. There are plenty of different kinds on the shelves in the local grocery store, but some people are looking for a more natural option. Some people want to use more natural cleaners for a variety of reasons like allergies, safe use around children, or just personal preference. There are a lot of great references online for different formulas using things like vinegar, lemon juice, and other all-natural products. These all natural cleaners will clean just as well and with the same disinfected results as other cleaners.