Selling Your Boat: The Process

As with putting anything on the market, selling your boat requires you to take several steps to get the best price from the sale and hasten the process faster. There are various reasons to sell the boat – to pay off rising debts, upgrade to a new model or just to dispose of it. Either way, follow these steps for a smooth sale.


First impressions matter. Start with cleaning everything attached on the boat and in it. Don’t forget the trailer so that you clean the whole package to give a good impression. So, bring out the wax and brushes, and give your boat the shine of a lifetime.

Cleaning up also involves de-cluttering the boat. You may think the potted plants, throw pillows and other items make the boat feel more comfortable, but to a buyer, these things make the cabin look smaller. Look for clutter all over the boat including stowage compartments. It might hurt watching your favorite items go, but doing away with these items is the right move. Only leave safety items in place and show any other gear separately to the buyer.

Remember, an open, clean and uncluttered cabin looks bigger.


Now, if during the cleaning and de-cluttering process you find issues with the boat that need repair, fix them to make sure everything is working properly. Anything included in the boat should be working perfectly when you present it to the buyer.

If you are good with tools, you can handle the simple repairs on your own. For the more complicated tasks, call in an expert repair technician to handle the problem at hand. Again, don’t forget to include the trailer in the repair process. If the boat and the trailer need a coat of paint, use the right kind of paint meant for boats. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to make the boat and trailer look new.

Set the Price

When selling the boat, you want to set the right price in order to get the most out of the sale. If you set the price too high, buyers shy away from the listing. When you set the price too low, buyers doubt the performance of the boat.

You can set the price of the boat a little bit high to allow for negotiation. This goes a long way to help you get the price you desire for the boat. Coming up with the price needs an expert eye. Visit to get an idea of what to do to get the perfect price.


Now that the boat is ready for the market, you should find a way to sell it off. You can do it by yourself, sell via a broker or a dealer. Each channel comes with its pros and cons. Understand what each channel offers before you choose the best for your needs.

Final Thoughts

The decision to sell your boat takes time. When the time to do this arrives, you need to try to get the best price for your beloved boat. Clean it up, repair any defects, set a price then advertise the boat on your preferred channel.