Raising a Puppy the Right Way

Raising a Puppy

Are you planning on buying or adopting a puppy? Dogs are definitely man’s best friend, but before they’re dogs, they’re puppies. Puppies are still lovely but will take a bit of work and a lot of love before they grow to be your best bud. If you’re considering getting a puppy, but don’t know where to start, keep reading.

Basic needs for your dog

Before you stop by the pet shop, you should make sure you have everything you’ll need for your new friend. You want to be positive you can provide his or her basic needs and ensure your puppy’s health and happiness. The typical food, water, and shelter are a must, but please keep in mind that these are specific to the dog. Also, a puppy will need tons of attention, so clear your schedule.


A fundamental part of basic puppy care is proper a healthy and balanced diet. Before you go out to buy food, do a bit of research. Different dogs may require different types of food. Your puppy may simply like a different brand of pet food. Luckily, many companies provide samples. But, no matter which you buy, avoid companies that use filler. A healthy diet will mitigate potential health risks in the future.

Some people go all out and make their own dog food. Consult your veterinarian before you do this. Whichever you choose, watch how your puppy responds over time to the food. If they become sluggish or their coat becomes dull, you may want to change the food.

A home within a home

Your puppy needs an area within the house that is can designate as its own space. A Kennel, crate or bed is usually suggested. Having a space to call his or her own teaches the puppy to respect that space, and by extension, yours.

This will, of course, require a bit of training. You’ll have to set some rules and create off-limit areas within your home. The Single Most Important Reason For A Crate is that it assists in teaching all of the aforementioned. Just remember that positive reinforcement usually gives the best results and to be stern.

Burning some of that energy

Your puppy will be a puppy. This may get exhausting, but keep in mind that your puppy needs to move. Regular exercise is important for health and a lathargic puppy may need a trip to the vet. Estalishing a routine, even if it’s only a short walk each day, will do a ton of good going forward. Note: The breed will dictate much of how much exercise is needed.

Love and structure

A well trained dog is a happy dog. Structure and training is paramount to a dog’s quality of life. Once you choose a training program for you puppy be sure to follow through. There is a wealth of information online and multiple books to help you with this.

Alternatively, there are professionally taught classes you can join. No matter what you choose the goal remains to establish yourself as the alpha or boss and reinforce good behavior in a humane manner. Consistency will see positive results and a happy, well behaved puppy.

Structure isn’t all that matter however. Creative a bond with your puppy is also vital. Dogs are social animals and a lack of interaction breeds negative results. Set time aside to be around your puppy. Playing, petting and talking to your puppy are all great ways to ensure you’ll have a strong bond. Follow these guidelines and remember to take care of your puppy. Have fun.