Nespresso and Other Ways to Drink Coffee at Home

While the centuries old tradition of taking a leisurely stroll down to your local café for a beautiful brew on a sunny Saturday morning is far from dead, the advantage of modernity and commercial progress has meant that now you don’t necessarily have to leave your house to find that perfect cup of coffee. There are many, relatively inexpensive options for the amateur coffee connoisseur who is keen to try their hand at making their regular cup of joe in the mornings. It’s also an excellent way to invest in a home product and save money at the same time (those daily soy lattes will add up after a while). Let’s look at three in home ways to achieve the perfect cup of coffee, saving you time in your regular morning commute to work.

The first one is a classic coffee machine and the oldest alternative to buying coffee from a café: the manual coffee machine.

This in-home device is probably the one that is ideal for those of you who are serious about your coffee and also want to brush up on those coffee making skills that you acquired for a brief amount of time while you were studying at college. It works just like your typical café coffee machine, except of course it’s a lot less expensive and smaller too, allowing for a bit of space to be left on your bench for other uses. By applying the same techniques and process that you would see your local barista use, you can quickly learn what it’s like to make café quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for any amateur coffee enthusiast.

The second coffee machine which is a favorite at home is probably the most recent innovation from the coffee industry, making it even more convenient and easy to achieve that perfect cup of coffee in your pajamas at the bench: the Nespresso machine.

The Nespresso machine uses Nespresso pods, small circular capsules that nicely contain your daily quota of coffee so that all you have to do is insert it into the machine with a healthy supply of water and soon enough you will have a ready-made delicious cup of coffee. The Nespresso machine is probably a little bit below the manual coffee machine regarding price as the ongoing cost of buying the Nespresso pods can quickly add up, but within the Nespresso family, there are cheaper alternatives to make sure that your investment in that machine was worthwhile. Discover the range of Espresso Capsules through this incredibly informative and helpful review website.

The third and final coffee machine that you can often find on someone’s kitchen bench making them a barista quality daily cup of coffee is the automatic coffee machine.

The automatic is almost the exact opposite of a manual coffee machine, as the name implies – it takes the work completely out of the entire process and does the whole job for you, from frothing the milk to grinding the coffee and combining it with the hot water. These are by far the most popular in-home machines, and also the most inexpensive – but may just compromise with the quality of the coffee a little bit if you’re someone who is fussy and is looking for that perfect cup without paying $5.00 every time. Their main advantage is efficiency as they can produce a cup of coffee within seconds, so for those of you who lack time to make a coffee, this is the best machine.

Each machine out there on the market has its positives and negatives, allowing different experiences and catering to different needs depending on what you’re looking for in a coffee machine. The good news is, there’s something for everyone and always an alternative to that sunny Saturday morning stroll down to your local café. There is no reason why coffee cannot now be enjoyed both inside and outside the home, without compromising on the quality and taste. There’s also a price range to fit everybody’s individual needs as well. Do your research, and you won’t be disappointed.