Local Locksmith Services

Picture the scene. You arrive home and realise you are locked out of your house. And it’s raining, of course. You need a locksmith and you need one right now! Searching the internet, you are surprised to see that there are many adverts for locksmiths. From large national companies to small independents. But which is best? Should you choose a national company or a local locksmith?

National Company.

If you were to ring a national company number, you would find your call would be answered by a call centre. Already, you are not off to a great start. The operator is nice but doesn’t really understand your situation and how stressful it is. They can’t guarantee a time but only give a rough estimate. They don’t know your local area and don’t know if they have anyone available. They are going to call you back.

You are not happy with this level of service, so you decide to use a local locksmith. Good decision!

Local Locksmith.

You call a local locksmith. Straight away, you are speaking to an experienced locksmith. He gives you advice and information and puts your mind at ease straight away. He gives you a quote and a time slot. You are impressed at both the response time and the price, compared to the national company. You save his number into your phone for next time. There’s bound to be a next time.

So, what are the reasons why it is better to choose a local locksmith over a national company?


As with many things where a smaller concern is competing with a national company, for the independent business reputation is everything. They want repeat work and word of mouth advertising. As you know, there is nothing better to sell your wares than a satisfied customer. It is therefore in the local locksmith’s interests to do a good job at a reasonable price. A local locksmith’s  good service is their own best advertisement. Many local locksmiths have their own website so looking at their reviews is always a good first step.

The national company does not have the same incentive to keep a good reputation. They know they will get many calls from people who just phone the first company on the list. Generally, therefore, the local locksmith will do a far better job as their business depends on it.

Knowledge of the Local Area.

When you speak to a local locksmith, they will know where you are and how long it will take to get to you. A national company will have to estimate a time having no local knowledge. They will then have to ring around to find a local engineer. This leads on to the next point.


Being local, your local locksmith will arrive sooner than a locksmith from a national company. Having already spoken to you personally, they will also already be fully aware of your problem. The locksmith from the national company will have received some notes from the call centre. Your local locksmith will, therefore, be quicker from start, to finish.


Most local locksmiths provide emergency services. This means they operate and are available, 24/7. So you don’t need to worry what will happen if you lose your keys in the night or first thing in the morning. Well, apart from the inconvenience. You know that you will have a assistance quickly from a local locksmith who is in the area.


National companies have overheads that local locksmiths just don’t have. These costs are passed on to you, the customer. Generally, a local locksmith will just charge parts and labour. A national company will be inflating your bill to cover their own costs, for example, their advertising costs and their costs from paying for the call centre.


Even when choosing a local locksmith, it is important you do your research. Even if the job is urgent, try and get a few quotes if you have a choice of local locksmith. Try and test their local knowledge when you phone them to check that they are genuinely local. For example, if you are in Harrogate and the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire, your might try Re-Entry Locksmiths of Harrogate. You would be reassured to see that they are a family run business that provides a full locksmiths service within the local area. So, if you are in Ripon, Harrogate, Knaresborough or Wetherby, give Re-Entry Locksmiths a call.

Security Checks.

You probably only think of a locksmith when something bad happens and you are locked out of your home. However, local locksmiths can provide other great services. One of the most valuable is a security check on your home.  If you live in the Manchester area including Glossop & Hyde Able Entry locksmithshave 3 decades of experience. Not only do they provide emergency locksmith services, but they offer a full security package for your home.  By checking your window and door locks, and updating your locks, they can help you reduce your home insurance costs. So don’t think of locksmiths purely for emergencies.

Other Services.

People often only think of needing a locksmith when something has gone wrong. However, local locksmiths can offer many additional services. Locksmiths can also change your locks if you need this service.

It is not just homes and businesses that your local locksmith can deal with. Many locksmiths can also deal with your car. If you have lost your keys or locked them in your car, call your local locksmith first. They will be able to get you back in your car in a professional way, without damage.

Hopefully, this article has helped you see the advantages of using local locksmiths over national companies. It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead so you may want to research local locksmiths and keep a number in your phone. Just in case!

Just remember. Should the unthinkable happen, and you are locked out of your home, you need a reasonably priced locksmith who can respond quickly. Locked out? Use a local locksmith.