Handmade Engagement Rings for a Perfect Proposal

Few moments can match the feeling you get when you propose to your fiancé. One thing that makes this process complete is the engagement ring. A visit to any jewelry store will present you with tons of engagement rings made from different materials. These are elegant, beautiful and eye-catching. The only problem with gold rings is that you must have some extra money to spare before you can afford high quality ones or you end up with a ring that will end up fading when it comes in touch with any acidic material. This could turn out to be very embarrassing.

Then comes silver engagement rings, which really needs you to have the perfect attitude to pull off the right look. If you want to spend less on jewelry, yet maintain a chic and creative look, go for handmade engagement rings. So, what makes this jewelry so alluring?

Each Piece is Unique

For handmade engagement rings, Melbourne jewelers make use of different types of materials to give you a unique result. The designer doesn’t have to worry about the dull nature of silver or the high malleability of gold to create a unique piece. To this end, each ring is unique and different from the next. You are sure that your fiancé won’t come across someone else sporting the same ring.

Different Styles

The materials used for making handmade rings make them attractive and unique. Some of the materials used include diamond, gold, platinum and even titanium. You get to choose between different styles as well, including exotic and contemporary pieces.

The price will vary from one piece to another depending on the material, craftsmanship and the brand. However, price shouldn’t be a concern, what should bother you ought to be the uniqueness of the piece. It doesn’t have to be made of precious metals or be expensive to matter – consider the style of the ring. The good thing is that you can make a purchase from an online shop, which allows you to compare the designs and prices before making a choice.

Custom Made

You can make an order for a custom jewelry ring. The price for this piece will depend on the design you choose. The jewelry will be designed by a highly skilled and sophisticated craftsman, so that you know that you are going to own a piece that has been carefully composed with intricate design and detail.

Determining the design requires you to know the correct setting as well. You can choose traditional classic solitaire, side stones, three stone setting, pave setting as well as tension setting. Let your individual taste and imagination guide your choice. The good thing is the jeweler will give you an option for custom made software, making sure you get what you need.

You also get to choose the best diamond to make the ring complete. So, what should you consider when making the right choice? Choose the right carat, which will determine the price of the ring. Additionally, consider the cut, which in this case has to be unique for the ring to stand out. The ideal diamond should be transparent.

Know the Size

After you chose the style and the metal, you need to know what the size is. This is because you will expose the ring at the engagement ceremony, whether it will be a dinner or another occasion. You don’t want a situation where the ring doesn’t fit on the finger, which can leave you in a cold sweat. Make sure you communicate the size to the store owner in advance. Reveal the unique ring to your fiancé and let the adrenaline rush take charge.

Create a Lasting Connection

Buying jewelry isn’t just a one-time thing. Finding the right jeweler might result in a long time engagement. This is because a few months down the line you will need a wedding ring, and it would make sense to go for the same unique style. A year down the line you will need an anniversary present. What better way than to buy a handmade trinket?

Final Thoughts

Getting married is each woman’s dream. Placing that engagement ring on her finger is the start of a lifetime journey, which is why you need to get it right the first time. Go for a handmade engagement ring so that you can start the process on high gear.