Clean Away Pet Hair With These Tips And Tricks

Any pet owner will tell you that cleaning around the house involves a lot of sucking up pet hair. Every shake, roll, and bath releases shedding hair into the air and all over your couch, clothes, and carpet. If it’s not regularly cleaned up, pet hair can gather in large clumps in all corners of the house and under tables. Excess pet hair around the house can irritate your skin and seriously affect your allergies. To keep your eyes and skin itch-free, and to help keep the floor fur-free, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for keeping your house as clean as possible when you have a pet.*

*Yeah right. Any pet owner knows your house is never completely clean, and never for long.

Choose The Right Vacuum

Not all vacuums are created equal. If you have a furry family member you already know that you need a vacuum with the right attachments to get into small spaces, clean upholstery, and that can stand up to the task of sucking up a bunch of hair without clogging. Let’s take look at some of our favorite vacuums designed specifically for tackling pet hair.

    1. Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum, Bissell. This vacuum comes highly recommended on Amazon by verified purchasers, and is specifically designed to handle pet hair on every surface. With attachments for small spaces and upholstery, and a motorized brush to lift the hair from fabrics and carpets, this cordless vacuum can handle any surface with ease.
    1. Animal Upright 2, Dyson. While considerably pricier than other vacuums in the market, the Dyson brand has become synonymous with expertly crafted design. Superior suction technology adjusts the head of the vacuum for whatever surface you’re cleaning. The long-handled turbine tool provides enough slack to hand-clean underneath couches, and has a stair attachment, and other attachments for dusting and cleaning in different areas.
    1.    DuoClean Powered Lift Away, Shark. Lift away vacuums are great for toting onto stairs and in other places where a vacuum is too cumbersome.  A little more affordable than the Dyson, the DuoClean has a HEPA filter and seals tight to keep allergens locked within the dirt chamber. This model includes the much needed upholstery cleaner as well, a perfect attachment for sucking up the hairs that stick in the couch.

Didn’t see a vacuum you like here? Check out these vacuum reviews and we’re sure you’ll find a pet-friendly vacuum that will keep your house free of allergens. 

Regular Baths

Some pets are obsessed with bath time, while others hide under the bed at the sound of the word “bath.” It’s not always easy, but regular bathing can help reduce the amount of pet hair that ends up in your carpets and on your couches. Try to work in a bath at least once a  month, unless your pet is prone to oily fur, or excessive shedding. Some pet owners use an anti-shedding shampoo, which helps release more fur during bath time to avoid it falling out around the house. Another tip: brush your pet regularly and you’ll see a dramatic drop in shedding.

Invest in An Air Purifier

Having an air purifier around the house will help keep the allergens such as pet hair as well as pollen out of the air which will improve your sinuses. There are lots of  air purifiers on the market. We recommend that you consider an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Air purifiers can be pricey, but if you do your shopping you can find a great air purifier for under $100.

Stock Up On Lint Brushes

Pets like cats and dogs have a habit of finding your favorite coat or sweater and sleeping or rolling on it right after you lay it out to wear for the day. If you catch your dog or cat snoozing on your coat just as you’re about to walk out the door, make sure you have plenty of lint brushes handy. We recommend keeping one in your house, one in the car, and one at the office, just in case you’ve missed a few cat hairs before a big meeting or a date.

Our pets are a part of the family and we love them no matter how much hair they shed. Try out these methods and your house should be relatively pet hair-free … for a little while, at least.