Choosing the Perfect Ride On Toy for Your 1 Year Old

Choosing the Perfect Ride On Toy for Your 1 Year Old

Ride on toys have provided memorable and magical toys for kids of all ages for generations. Apart from the fun they offer, these toys also help your kid exercise, boost motor skills, burn excess energy and get creative. Your 1-year old kid will enjoy the endless possibilities that these toys provide, and will help their young minds explore all kinds of adventures.  The fact remains though that the level of benefits your baby gains from these toys depends largely on the kind of toys you choose.

Why is Choice so Vital Regarding These Toys?

Ride on toys help your kids to exercise, which in turn helps them, grow faster and achieve the milestones earlier than normal. The toys also help the kid acquire necessary motor skills and acquire a sense of balance. Exercise is essential for the young child because it contributes a lot to a child’s normal growth.

Studies show that a suitable kind of exercise at the right age helps develop the kid’s brain as well. Children who exercise frequently have been found to perform better in school as compared to children who don’t exercise often. Ride ons for 1 year olds present a great way for kids to get that vital physical exercise. So, which kind of ride on toys should you buy?

Various Kinds to Choose From

Ride on toys are simply the toys that the kid sits on and rides all over. This can be in the form of tricycles or cars or anything else. The toys come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, colors and features. What you need for your kid will also depend on your preferences.

Consider the Age, Size and Weight

You need to consider toys which are appropriate for a one year old. The first stop ought to be the recommendation by the manufacturer who has in mind a given age group when designing the toy.

You should also consider the size of the baby. The toy that you select shouldn’t be too small or too big for the baby. A big toy might end up putting a strain on the joints and muscles of the baby. On the other hand, a small toy might be uncomfortable for the baby.

Ride on toys for one-year-olds are usually low on the ground to give the kid a chance to use the feet to steer it. They come with a wide seat for comfort and stability and have a wide front wheel so that the kid can ride without tipping over easily.

Pedals or No Pedals?

It is advisable to choose a toy without pedals for a start. You might wonder why this is so – toddlers find it hard using this feature. When your toddler uses his legs to steer the toy, he gets the necessary exercise and acquires the much-important sense of balance.

Consider Additional Features

Some of the ride on toys will sing baby songs while others will come with flashing lights. Others come with games that will enthrall the kid for hours on end. These features make the kid happy while helping them to exercise at the same time. You also need to consider the safety features of the toys. Avoid anything that has sharp edges which might be a danger to the kid.

In Closing

If you have ever interacted with kids, you know how difficult it is to keep the kid active for long periods of time. Kids often get bored with their toys in a very short time. This is a problem especially since you can’t keep on chancing the toys now and then. With ride on toys, your kids remain amused all the time.

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