Checklist For A Used Car

People always have mixed reactions when it comes to buying used vehicles. There are some who love the idea because it allows them to save some coins. Others have been burnt and ended up buying cars that had mechanical failures or ones with defective titles. With this information age, people are now informed and know what to look for when buying a used car. You can either buy one from a private seller or a certified reseller depending on your exposure and preferences. The following are the various things to check before you buy a used vehicle.

    1. Leaks

A car has many fluids, and any leakage shows that there is something wrong with its transmission. You do not need specialised training to note there are any leakages because it is something you can see. Areas of special interest include the engine and beneath the car. Check underneath the car, and if you note oil drops on the ground, then something needs some fixing. An oil leak is usually brown, but it also turns black when the oil has been overused. Green leaks show that the coolant is oozing out and you thus need some checkup. You can have the seller fix the leaks or ask him or her to lower the selling price to cover the repair costs.

    1. The engine

This part is the heart of the car and has various components that need checking. Request for a test drive and just let the engine run and listen for any unusual sounds. The engine is also prone to wear and tear which might compromise the optimal functioning of your car. Check various transmission pipes that allow various fluids to pass through. It should also be clean and with no missing components. You can even have an expert check the engine on your behalf.

    1. The bodywork

In as much as you focus on the mechanical part of the car, you should pay attention to its appearance as well. Everyone dreams of having a well-maintained and good looking car as it says a lot about your personality. Check the interior as well as the outer coating to make sure that you get a car that is worth your money. Pay close attention to the doors, windows and various knobs within the car. You can request for a repaint or thorough cleaning before you buy the vehicle. You can as well ask for a discount on the car if you will have to do it yourself.

    1. Documentation

A car might be one of the most expensive assets that you will ever own. It is thus important that you get something that does not have mechanical issues or other legal claims. Take your due diligence and check the transfer of ownership of this vehicle. You can check some used vans at, and you will never have to worry legal documentation. The seller should also have all receipts and other documents showing the maintenance history of the vehicle. You shall produce these documents whenever you take your car for repair and maintenance