Month: July 2017

Spruce Up That Old Office Chair

Fabric spray paint is one of the most ingenious inventions since the invention of paint itself. It’s certainly a great way to take an old sofa or armchair and make it look virtually new again, but home fabric furnishings aren’t the only place where this specialty spray fabric paint can be useful. It’s also a […]

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Clean Away Pet Hair With These Tips And Tricks

Any pet owner will tell you that cleaning around the house involves a lot of sucking up pet hair. Every shake, roll, and bath releases shedding hair into the air and all over your couch, clothes, and carpet. If it’s not regularly cleaned up, pet hair can gather in large clumps in all corners of […]

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Handmade Engagement Rings for a Perfect Proposal

Few moments can match the feeling you get when you propose to your fiancé. One thing that makes this process complete is the engagement ring. A visit to any jewelry store will present you with tons of engagement rings made from different materials. These are elegant, beautiful and eye-catching. The only problem with gold rings […]

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